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There's nothing Jr. About This

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s premier research product in the area of technology ownership and use. With over a decade of data and information available on how adult Canadians (18+) are interacting with media on traditional and new platforms, we are now expanding our service to include young Canadians as well!

MTM Jr. will focus on the behaviours and activities of Canadians aged 2-17 allowing subscribers to better understand the media consumptions habits of today’s youngest audiences and consumers. Subscribers to the Youth Media Study will have full access to data and reports for maximum usability and impact.

What is the #1 cellphone brand for teens?

Do parents really know what their kids are posting on social media?

How much screen time are toddlers getting each week?

OVER 250 variables to choose from

Netflix or YouTube? iPhone or Pixel? Instagram or Snapchat? Disney or Teletoon? Podcasts or Playlists? MTM Jr.’s youth media study provides subscribers with insights on all things media whether it be on traditional platforms or new, MTM Jr. makes it a breeze to learn it all.

Time spent and frequency with audio, video, gaming and social networking

Online survey of 1500 households with children equally split between Anglophones and Francophones

Respondent level data for approximately 2500 children aged 2-17

Consumption of TV and video services (traditional and online)

Device ownership and use: smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, smart speakers

Gaming: game console ownership, online gaming, esports

Social networking: sites and devices used, parental controls

Streaming audio: podcasting, music streaming services, devices used

Streaming video: YouTube, OTT services (ie. Netflix), devices used

Household profile: income, region, household composition, language

Household technology profile: paid TV subscriptions (e.g. cable, satellite), internet access, OTT subscriptions

Consumption of AM/FM radio and audio content (traditional and online)

Be in the know

MTM Jr. can help your business better understand the youth of today and prepare for the consumers and audiences of tomorrow. Subscribe to MTM Jr. today!

MTM Jr. is a division of the Media Technology Monitor